My pricing for residential real estate photography is relatively simple, and is based on the number of photos delivered to you. If you don’t specify, then I’ll just take as many as I think are necessary, usually 15 photos for a small-to-medium home, 25 for a larger home, and 35 to 50 for a very large property. Prices include a “virtual tour” which is an online slideshow that you can link to from the MLS and other listing sites. Photos are almost always delivered within 24 hours of the shoot, or by noon the day after the shoot.

(No realtor, homeowners, children, pets, contractors, cleaners, landscapers, zombies, martians or anyone else present.)

5 photos: $150
( unattended: $100 )

15 photos: $275

( unattended: $225 )

25 photos: $325

( unattended: $275 )

35 photos: $375

( unattended: $325 )

50 photos: $425

( unattended: $375 )

65 photos: $475

( unattended: $425 )

3D TOUR with FLOOR PLAN: $250 
3D Tour and Floor Plan processing can take up to 2 business days.



SAMPLE DRIVE FEES: (no drive fee for local areas)
Winters, Vacaville, Galt, Cameron Park, Rescue, Auburn, etc: $25;
Esparto, Knights Landing, etc: $40;
Capay, Arbuckle, etc: $50;
Brooks, Guinda, Rumsey, etc: $60; 


Commercial, large-scale, and architectural/design photography pricing is highly variable; contact me and let me know what you’ve got.


Be aware that photographers retain all rights to their images. Photographs are copyright-protected intellectual property owned by the photographer.

You can use photos you have hired me to take in any type of marketing without an additional usage fee. I also generally allow my photos to be used for the listing agent’s portfolio and other marketing uses not related to the specific listing. Photos may not be resold by the realtor or used by any other listing agent for the property.

Some other photographers charge extra for uses on multiple platforms, or for printing flyers or use in print publications. They may choose to charge for any use besides that of the sale of the property. Just keep in mind to ask when looking around at other photographers.

Note that some Metrolist offices are trying to push realtors to get photographers to sign away the rights to the photos. I don’t do this and I don’t know of any professional photographer who does. Full rights to the photos (for exclusive use) are available for an additional cost (typically several hundred to thousands of dollars per photo). This industry standard has been in place for a long time, and is similar to how a musician retains their rights to their work: Spotify can pay the musician for the right to play a song, but the musician still owns it; for Spotify (or anyone) to outright buy complete ownership of a song is rare and very expensive.

It’s really not complicated, despite some bureaucratic organizations trying to make it so. I am operating in the same way I have for almost two decades: There is no written contract. You hire me to take photos of a listing, I provide the photos, and you use them to sell the property. I’m not “going after” anyone for fair, normal use of photographs they’ve paid me to take!